BIM Technologies

LEED Accredited

Setting the Standard for Innovative Performance

Tpac Certifications
Tpac Qualities          

International Accreditation Service Inc. (IAS)
- Certificate of Accreditation

PCA Plant Certification - 40 Year Recognition

PCA Qualified Erector

PCI - Precast Concrete Institute
(Fabricator, Erector & Quality Control)

 ADOT - Arizona Department of Transportation

 Clark County Approved Fabricator

 City of LA Approved Fabricator

UL – Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

IAS – International Accreditation Services, Inc.

Safety Awards

We have won many national awards for safety from PCI. In 2009, PCI awarded Tpac the best safety record of all 270 PCI certified plants in the US and Canada for plants with more than 100 employees.

Benefits of Precast Concrete

Mass Production in a Controlled Environment

PCI Certified Quality Control and Field Installation

Shortened Erection Schedule

Energy Efficient Designs

Increased Fire Resistance over Cast-In-Place

Lower Insurance Premiums

Lower Long Term Operating Costs

Lower Building Costs

Benefits of having Tpac as a member of your team

Utilization of Leading Edge Technologies

In-House Team of Dedicated Experts

BIM Structural Analysis

LEED Accredited Professionals

Project Management and Site Analysis

Ability to Fast-Track any Project

Re-Engineer Cast-In-Place designs to efficient Precast Systems