Client Testimonials

“What stands out to me in my experience with the Tpac team is their willingness and availability to sit down and work through any issue, think outside the box and make the needed adjustments to tackle the situation at hand and stay on schedule.  We have valued the partnership with Tpac and look forward to successful projects in the future.”


“The construction work with Tpac and their willingness to address issues that arise during the projects has been with a proactive and collaborative approach.  We look forward to working with Tpac on future projects and consider them a quality precast producer and erector.”

Paul ArnoldAmes Construction

“During the bidding and contracting phase we were very happy with their involvement and willingness to keep the job moving forward despite some obstacles outside of our control as contractors.  The install meets our safety requirements and was done efficiently, largely in part to communication efforts made by their project management team and field supervisors.  I’m happy to reccomend the services provided by Tpac to anyone needing insight in the future.”

Josh AndersonSundt Construction Inc

“It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Tpac as a supplier and erector for any precast concrete project. After being involved with Tpac on over 100 bridges in my career, I am absolutely confident that Tpac can provide quality materials and erect them safely in a timely manner.”

Greg Harasha, P.E.FNF Construction

“Your team oriented, customer friendly approach is very appreciated in helping make J.E. Dunn’s job easier, and something that cannot be commended enough. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for participating in a construction team that delivered a high quality on time project to our Owner.”

Brian DunnJE Dunn Construction Company

“I am always encouraged and strongly influenced by Stresscon’s business philosophies. In an environment where some of us continue to search for the mentoring and leadership that reinforces what we know is ethically and morally our charge, it is simply refreshing to have you and your company so close, to provide such good examples. I trust we can return that favor in some small way over time.”

Jeff ErkerFCI Constructors, Inc.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the critical part you played in the project and for the professional excellence you displayed in executing your duties. Your organizational and management skills without a doubt played a large part in our success. In addition, your openness and honesty were both welcome and refreshing. Our hat goes off to Stresscon’s entire team for a job well done. We look forward to future opportunities to work with Stresscon.”

Brad SchenkJE Dunn Construction Company

“EnCon having an in-house engineering department helped us get through some concerns which eliminated delays in the field and got the job done right the first time.”

Matt HughesW.E. O’Neil Construction

“On behalf of Calcon and myself, I would like to thank Stresscon for their superb performance at the FedEx Data Center.”

Scott KennedyCalcon Constructors

“Atlanta Structural has a “hands-on/personal” approach that is not found with any other precast company in the industry today. Their personal approach to solving challenges in meeting owner’s budgets and schedule begins with solid competitive pre-construction budgeting and continues through production into erection and eventually through project completion and project acceptance. We always feel our project is at the top of their list and they strive to provide our team a clear understanding of their scope at every level of the process. We are proud to call Atlanta Structural our “Go-To” precast subcontractor in this region of the Southeast.”

Glenn O. AndersonCambridge Swinerton Builders

“As we approach the end of phase one of Engineered Floor’s Dug Gap 2.4 million square foot plant facility, on behalf of John Kiker Company, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to you for your company’s efforts and cooperation. Your company carried out the project with quality and safety standards, demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, and completed your work in the specified time.”

Jerome ParrottJohn Kiker Company, Inc.

“EnCon Renew worked as a subcontractor for Sailer Construction on the renovation of an existing mall project in Fort Collins CO. They added carbon fiber rods to the precast concrete double tee legs to increase the load capacity. The crew showed up on time daily and completed the work contracted in an efficient and professional manner. They were also sensitive to the coordination of other work being performed concurrently with theirs. Their engineering staff was knowledgeable in the design and implementation of using carbon fiver in concrete strengthening applications. I would recommend EnCon Renew for future concrete repair or retrofit work. This has proven to be a great cost effective way to almost double the capacity of the existing floor system.”

John Sailer, PresidentSailer Construction of Fort Collins, Inc.