Tpac Company History


Precast operations started as a division of Superior Sand and Gravel Company.


Superior Sand and Gravel became United Materials Company with a strong prestressed concrete department.


Tanner brothers Contracting Company acquires United Material Company including the strong arm devoted to prestressed concrete products. For the next several years this innovated group continued to expand its product line purchasing the Span Deck franchise, installing two 450 foot bridge girder lines which opened the door for United-Metro to become the largest girder producing manufacturer in the Western United States.


A new corporation was formed wherein United Metro would own half interest and Johnson Construction Company of Tucson would own half interest. This new company would be incorporated under the name Tucson Prestressed and Architectural Concrete Company, Tpac for short.


Johnson Construction Company was absorbed into the Tanner Companies and Tpac became the designation for all the activities of the firm in prestressed concrete and the “T” then stood for Tanner and Tpac has since stood for Tanner Prestressed and Architectural Concrete Division, or simply Tpac.


Tpac was awarded the contract for the First National Bank Building in Phoenix. This building was the largest architectural precast building to be constructed in the city and resulted in the expansion of the Phoenix precast facility.


Apac purchased Tpac from the Tanner Companies and expanded construction operations into the western region.


Acquired by Kiewit Construction Company


Acquired by EnCon United